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The COVID-19 pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill affecting almost every industry – from the unprecedented pressure on health services, to the shuttering of non-essential businesses to supermarkets needing to consider their re-stocking tactics and opening hours. The outbreak of the pandemic has disastrously affected the life and livelihood of many in this country and the world at large. The consistent efforts by the government and healthcare workers have brought a considerable amount of relief to most places in this country allowing businesses to re-open.

Celio*, the French menswear brand which is the leading men’s ready-to-wear brand in Europe and many other parts of the world has re-opened its stores for business in India. Celio* has re-opened stores in cities such as Bangalore, Calicut, Hyderabad, Pune, Nizamabad, Warangal, Belgaum, Siliguri and Bhatinda. The brand’s website too has now resumed sales and is delivering garments wherever possible.

With the scare of the pandemic that still surrounds us, everyone is bound to be apprehensive about visiting stores. To ensure happy shoppers can shop safely, Celio* is sanitizing and deep cleaning their entire store, including disinfecting all surface areas like hand rails, product display counters, billing counters, etc. on a regular basis. All trial rooms are being disinfected thoroughly after each visit. All merchandise is being steam ironed from the inside out to ensure the safety of all costumers. To ensure the safety of the staff at the stores, the brand is providing each employee with sanitizers, new face masks and disposable gloves. The staff is asked to change disposable gloves four to five times in a day. All brand stores that have re-opened are following social distancing measures and the guidelines issued by the government. As a precautionary measure, all staff and customers will need to wear a mask at all times while in the store.

Speaking about the re-opening of the brand stores, Abhishek Shetty, Chief Marketing Officer and E-commerce Head, Celio* India said, “The COVID-19 outbreak has found all of us rearranging our lives and work like never before. Things of convenience aren’t so anymore. However, the steps taken by our government are crucial to our well-being, and surely if we follow the precautionary instructions provided to us, we’ll soon enough beat this pandemic, and rise stronger as a Nation. While we are unable to open all our stores yet, we are happy to announce the re-opening of our few key stores. At Celio*, ensuring our customer’s safety is of utmost priority and we are taking all the precautionary measures to make the customer’s shopping experience pleasant and safe. We have also resumed sales on our website.”

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Explaining the relevance, Sanjay Vakharia, Chief Executive Officer, Spykar Lifestyle says, “As we all know, India is a country with a population that has relatively meager resources, and hence to them, it is important that retailers provide solutions which are more value for money and relatively long lasting and ones which need low maintenance. On all these attributes, denims score very high. They need not be washed as much and as many times; they never die, just fade, and last really long. And in recent times, the category and the industry has also initiated multiple initiatives to conserve resources and contribute to a healthier and less polluted planet. It seems that jeans are here to stay, due to the versatility they offer.”

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Skechers in India has been registering a very healthy double digit growth.

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One of the world’s most polluting industries, second only to oil, fast fashion had been an environ-mental curse to Planet Earth. To countermand the effects of fast fashion, virtually all major clothing, lifestyle and large scale manufacturing companies as well as retail giants are working towards sustainable fashion not only in the production phase but also after a garment has been sold, encouraging the end user to ‘re-use and recycle’.

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The Indian denim market is exhibiting continuous growth over the years. With new technologies, trends and higher market reach, this sector has promising growth potential. Even in rural areas, denim is becoming highly fashionable with most men and teenager girls opting denim wear over traditional outfits.

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4. Innovative Recycling – Recycling, collect, recover, embedded value, waste, regain, reclaim, extract, decompose, garbage, by-products, salvage, reprocess are great ways of recycling. A new method where microbes eat pol-yester and break it down into its most basic substances has also emerged. The raw material broken down by the microbes can then be sold to polyester manufacturers that use them to produce new textiles. Sustainability Impact: With more efficient methods of collecting old clothes, larger volumes will be collected, resulting in more value being brought back to the system. With more efficient methods of capturing embedded values in the recycling process, more value will be brought back to the sys-tem from each clothing item.

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